Welcome to my Sanctuary!

Let me try to be clear, this Blog is my Sanctuary and nothing on this Blog is a coincidence!

From the Type-Font of my logo to the color of the pictures that represent my submissives – everything has meaning for me!

Often that meaning is obvious, sometimes it will be elusive and other times it will just be me who thinks it has meaning.

I write this Blog for me and others in the BDSM Community so here are some things you should know:

  • A big Part of this Blog is private and it will stay that way until I feel it’s not necessary¬†or useful anymore
  • I do write about the events in my life but I don’t write about everything, sometimes you have to live with a hole or accept that things can’t be detailed enough.
  • I don’t write about a current Submissive, nor do I list here everybody I ever played with. Take the Submissives you read about as real-world examples of how things can be and never forget that they are real people that also could read the Blog and your comments.
  • I don’t believe that my view on BDSM is the only one that counts, but I do believe that I can speak here about some stuff that you will seldom see on the Internet: Thoughts & Ideas about BDSM paired with real-life experience.

That all said – I hope you have a lot of fun reading this Blog!