My First Submissive

Submissive MR


About our Time...

MR was my first submissive besides C and we sadly never met – I did have a lot of fun with her and I’m sure she also had a lot of fun – I also did a lot of wrong with her…

I met her via email and we both hit it off quite from the start – it was the first real step I took to be open with C and a lot of feelings got mixed up in this relationship.

She was young, naive and didn’t know how to handle being submissive – she needed guidance and a lot of answers…

MR was the kind of girl that needed to be pushed but then was happy about everything she did – she was the first Submissive I helped in her daily life besides sexual stuff.

Mentioning sex – MR was quite demanding and a sex bomb in her own way. She would put a lot of effort into what we did but also demanded a lot of effort.

I was young, naive and didn’t really know how to handle some situations – I’m pretty sure in some ways I hurt her more then I should have or she should have let me… – in essence, I did learn a lot from her and she did learn a lot from me but we both would have been better of if she had somebody more experienced…

That said I’m thankful I had her as my first submissive because she was so demanding – I never had the impression that being a Dom was an easy job and I never got that feeling because of her example. It would take years till I got somebody so demanding again…

After around 1 year we split up and never heard from each other again – I do have to say that the situations with her pushed me to become better at being a Dominant and a lot of my early motivation came from this relationship…

I’m unsure what MR does or how she is – she is one of the very few people I didn’t keep an eye on over the years. – I hope she is alright and found somebody that could lead her better.


    We didn’t play with a set of rules, it was more about doing Tasks and over time I made them more and more demanding.

    The play was harsh and I learned to restrain myself after some mistakes.

    Moments I liked with her

    • Discussions about Love & Life
    • Play Sessions in the (late) Evening
    • Intimate daily Diary entrys

    Posts where I talk about her