So let me start with the following:

I hate Sport and Excercise! – I do like to watch it but I actually don’t like to do it – when I have to start!

For a long time, I saw exercise as a waste of time – I don’t have a physically demanding job (anymore) and my muscles were enough to do everything I wanted to do. So why invest time in it…

Then came a long period where I only worked a lot. In my job that means you sit around on your ass 🙂

Over time I had small for me unrelated issues – I was sick more often and thought that’s because of the stress. I got light headed and was some days even in a state of almost sleeping.

Then [C] was starting to do more for fitness and I read about people who work at home and do their exercise. So I started at home with videos from Youtube and I loathed it. But I told myself I can still think about business and it’s not a complete waste of time…

After around 4 Weeks later I felt still awful when I started to exercise but I felt really good after.

My dizziness and lightheadedness were gone and I didn’t feel that I can get sick easily. – both sensations never returned till today!

My submissive at the time was the same way, she was Job searching at the time – so I made her do exercise as well and she got major benefit from it. Not only had she physical training that helped her to control her weight but she also had fewer problems with getting sick and a routine she had to follow and that helped her mentally with the hardship of Job-Search.

I myself have a routine now as well that I try to follow every day and so far it had a great impact on my mental stability, my productivity and my health – for just 15minutes a day!

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